Class of 1929 Gallery - 5th Floor - Eisenhower Hall

Come visit the 5th floor gallery and experience cadet creativity! The Circle in the Spiral is the literary journal of the Corps of Cadets and published annually, it exhibits photographs, artwork, stories, and poems from over 100 cadets. The 5th floor is now the showcase for this beautiful magazine with each enlarged page displayed within the gallery. Visit and be amazed by cadet talent!

Visitors over 16 years of age must have a valid government-issued photo
ID (military ID, driver's license, DMV ID, passport, etc.) to enter West Point.

The Class of 1929 Gallery is located on the 5th level of Eisenhower Hall, 655 Pitcher Road, West Point, NY. The gallery was dedicated on May 31, 1979 by the class of 1929 in honor of their 50th Reunion. The Remembrance Room was established in May 1989 with a donation from Colonel James Stephenson for the maintenance, enhancement and support of ongoing programs in the 1929 Gallery.

In 1990, and again in 1999, Brigadier General Paul Thompson donated funds for the continuation of the programs in the 1929 Gallery. In 2002, a substantial bequest was received from Mrs. Josette C. Thompson for the 1929 Gallery. This bequest is managed by the Association of Graduates at West Point.